Cynthia Sabotka, Author — Like is Like a LineCynthia credits her ability to sustain life by her faith in God, the love of her family, the unwavering dedication of a masterful psychiatrist, and the wealth of medications at hand.

She has been a highly functional small business owner and entrepreneur for over 20 years. She has owned and operated a historical hotel and restaurant, has been a talent agency model, and real estate professional. She is currently a licensed builder and interior decorator, a caregiver, guardian, conservator, and family historian. In her career, she founded the first business association in her town and became it’s first president. Invited to the Rotary Club, she became the first female Rotarian a 100 year old, formerly “all men’s club.”

Her late life diagnosis of Bipolar disorder at the age of 48 took her from a Greek woman with a “type A” personality to something more menacing. While she fought to overcome the combination of the empty nest syndrome, surgical menopause, and hypothyroidism, the mixture of concurrent symptoms challenged her beyond belief. Driven by suicidal ideation, she understands how mighty the mind.

Overall, she has fought back the demons that have plagued her and continues to battle occasional unwellness, as well as, the stigma that becomes it. She feels her diagnosis of bipolar disorder has been a blessing, as well as, a curse. Once considered Manic-Depression, this illness has uncovered alarming possibilities, it has answered questions previously unknown and made logic out of behaviors once misunderstood.

Cynthia is a member of the DBSA (Depressive Bipolar Support Alliance) NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentall Ill) as a IOOV Presenter, and a supporter of the Juvenile Bipolar Foundation. She understands the need for further education and legislation for the benefit of those who live in the shadows of stigma and inequality.

Fortunate to have a loving family for support, she is an amateur photographer and enjoys weekends relaxing with her husband. In and out of remission, she understands fully that life, well … Life Is Like a Line.

Cynthia believes that a positive family environment might be the difference between happiness and despair in youth, hope and hopelessness in adulthood. She shares life’s best kept secret, “It is all about Love.”