“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
– Dr Wayne Dyer

Cynthia Sabotka is considered to be the “accidental author” as she has written a memoirunintentionally. Her life story, kept under wraps until now, exposes her family and herself and at the risk of being vulnerable, hopes to benefit others. She struggles with a mood disorder and has learned about life through changed eyes.

Symptomatic as a child, her life was greatly challenged by the chaos and turmoil that was the norm in her family. Finally able to self-medicate beginning in her youth, the reverberations continued well into her forties until her implosion at the age of forty-eight.

Her memoir, “Life Is Like a Line,” reads like a story but educates like a textbook. It is analysis and insight, education and enlightenment.

Sabotka believes that education is the first line of defense against stigma. Her willingness to share her story and the enthusiasm in which she does so proves that there is life after a diagnosis.

What you will gain from this book:

  • A candid look into the life of the author, suffering and triumphing over her battle with bipolar disorder.
  • Understanding for those affected by bipolar, either personally or in supporting a loved one.
  • Assurance that, through the challenges of bipolar disorder, there is help, you aren’t alone, and you will win the fight.

You are encouraged to experience this book for yourself. It is an unforgettable memoir, sure to provide comfort and/or understanding to you or your loved one afflicted with a mood disorder.